I teach courses at university and through my non-profit global education organization

Florida Atlantic University

LIT 2010 | Interpretation of Fiction  ♦  Deathless Stories: Ancient Myths in Modern Literature

LIT 2010 | Interpretation of Fiction  ♦  The Recurrence of the Unreal: Myth and Magical Realism in Literature

LIT 2010 | Interpretation of Fiction  ♦  The Lie that Tells the Truth: Mythical Pasts, Alternate Presents, Speculative Futures

ENC 1939  |  Special Topics in College Writing  ♦  No Capes! The Journeys of Heroes and Heroines in Fiction and Film

CRW 3010 | Creative Writing  ♦  Fiction, Poetry, and Creative Non-Fiction

ENC 1101 | College Writing I                                                                                        

ENC 1102 | College Writing II          

Blue Planet Global Education

2009-2017 | Story Ambassadors  Palm Beach and Broward Counties, FL    ♦     Semester-long residencies connecting students in grades 3-12 with their peers in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas through creative story exchanges

IMG_2375 bamako-girl-e1559938828336.jpg Spring 2018, Uganda students at Kasubi Parents School


2009-Present | Professional Development  Palm Beach County, FL    ♦     Workshops on global education for teachers of grades 3-12

BPSummer2017_-27 IMG_20180715_144117


2013 | Under One Sky  Mérida, Yucatán, México     ♦     Creative writing workshop with Mexican students at Habla: The Center for Language and Culture



2011 | Visions of Peace  Mérida, Yucatán, México    ♦    Creative writing and art workshop with Mexican students at Loyola Comunidad Educativa

cora-and-jimena peace-cards-tamara-heather


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