Florida Atlantic University

LIT 2010 | Interpretation of Fiction  ♦  Deathless Stories: Ancient Myths in Modern Literature

LIT 2010 | Interpretation of Fiction  ♦  The Recurrence of the Unreal: Myth and Magical Realism in Literature

LIT 2010 | Interpretation of Fiction  ♦  The Lie that Tells the Truth: Mythical Pasts, Alternate Presents, Speculative Futures

ENC 1939  |  Special Topics in College Writing  ♦  No Capes! The Journeys of Heroes and Heroines in Fiction and Film

CRW 3010 | Creative Writing  ♦  Fiction, Poetry, and Creative Non-Fiction

ENC 1101 | College Writing I  ♦  Writing the Thesis Paper

ENC 1102 | College Writing II  ♦  Writing the Research Paper

Blue Planet Global Education

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Writing Disruption | Personal memoir, fiction, and poetry program for teens based on writing “games” and culminating in digital anthology of student work

The Odyssey | Exploring Homer’s classic saga, episode by episode, through writing- and art-based activities

The Hero’s Journey | Creative writing program involving writing and publishing e-books based on the Hero’s Journey structure of mythologist Joseph Campbell

Life Is Good and Nothing Is Wrong | Collaborative reading and story-creation approach to issues of slavery and exploitation

Analog Hyperlinks | Collaborative international story and artifact exchange centered on Florida history and culture, involving creation of place-based story and capturing of material artifacts to be experienced at designated points in the story

Story Ambassadors | Semester-long residencies connecting students in grades 3-12 with their peers in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas through creative story exchanges

Hometown Stories | Life-writing for American and international high school students creating memoir pieces based in their hometowns

International Writing Workshops | With Mexican students at Habla: The Center for Language and Culture and Loyola Comunidad Educativa in Mérida, México

Professional Development | Creative, hands-on workshops in arts-based global education for teachers of grades 3-12, during the school year and as part of the Blue Planet Global Education Summer Teacher Institutes